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Wool felt is inherently waterproof, but not completely immune to water absorption. Air drying in a flat position is an effective way to reverse water absorption. Due to its self-cleaning properties, felt does not trap dirt and it is usually sufficient to ventilate the felt product. Dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Standard Cleaning

As with any natural fibre, a gentle approach should always be taken to cleaning wool felt, since the cleaning method can potentially be more harmful than the stain. The following four-fold approach can be taken towards cleaning:

1. Wool has a low degree of dry soil pick-up compared with other fibres. However, to remove any accumulation of general airborne debris, wool felt may be cleaned with a standard lint roller. It is always a good idea to use the lint roller first in any area intended for a spot cleaning.

2. Vacuum with a clean, soft brush.

3. Clean with water and mild detergent. Spot clean with a damp cloth in dabbing motions. Do not rub or agitate the surface. Avoid hot water application.

4. Use a chemical stain remover. It is always recommended to test any cleaning method in an inconspicuous place first.

Please note that slight shedding of wool fibers is a natural occurrence and not indicative of any product defect. This shedding is inherent to the unique structure of natural wool fibers and can be easily addressed by using a vacuum. Over time, you can expect these loose fibers to decrease.

Stain Removal

If the stain persists, apply a fine wool detergent with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid hard and prolonged rubbing and too much moisture, both of which can damage the surface of the felt and cause the material to change colour, shrink or deform locally.

A mild enzyme-based detergent can be used. Create a dilute solution by adding three parts water to one part detergent in a container. Use a clean paper towel to gently blot the detergent into the stain. Apply pressure, release and repeat. Finish by blotting firmly with clean, dry paper towels until the area is almost dry.