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we believe in the transformative power of connections

Kolye TJN aims to create innovative, progressive designs for a growing global audience – humans with visionary taste and a desire to reach beyond the ordinary. We are here to challenge traditional thinking and approaches to fashion, in favour of inclusivity and fluidity. Our collection of felt neckwear is cut and hand-assembled in Canada – it travels through many hands before landing in yours. Each set of hands it passes through contributes to the story and, as the felt wraps you in a warm embrace, you are surrounded by the love, dedication, and spirit of all those who contributed. Each piece is a testament to the power of repetition, and of the power we achieve when we connect together. As the individual units are repeated, they begin to interlock, forming an unbreakable bond and contributing to something larger than their singular selves.

the story of kolye tjn

We believe in the transformative power of connections

be lean, transparent, and powerful connecting people and souls; neckwear for the 21st century

Kolye TJN is a progressive, felt-based retail brand necklace for both women and men, launched in 2020, and operating through e-commerce and private sales. All the collections are created in Canada by the inhouse designer and dedicated production team. Tijen began the initial design process and was later joined by Angie, with her energy and creativity. Self-interlocking and pinning systems are used for the structure. One hundred percent, sustainably sourced, wool-felt has been chosen as the primary material.

The user of Kolye TJN is not defined by gender, age, or ethnicity. It is intended for 21st century trend-setters with visionary taste, who seek designs with simplicity, transparency, and power. Kolye TJN is a sophisticated artisan neckwear which merges elegance with comfort and uniqueness, in an extension of body and spirit. It transcends traditional notions and aims to reach beyond its designated function. It wraps the user in a warm embrace and connects all in their common desire for love, beauty, and humanity.

Our mission is to serve our philosophy of being environmentally responsive, unique, and exclusive. Each piece is produced in limited quantities and when it has completed its functional life, if the owner so chooses, the natural material content of the neckwear has the capacity to disintegrate into the Earth without harmful side effects.

behind the brand

self-interlocking and pinning systems as structure. collectible art.

Kolye TJN is actively involved in knowledge and content creation and its primary goal is to act as a bridge between theory and praxis. The outcome of creative studies is the direct application of design principles, coupled with knowledge of the human body and the properties of textiles, to tangible object-making. Kolye TJN also includes an educational component which allows students in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba to experience the design and production process through a Co-op program.

In Kolye TJN, design methodologies are drawn from living systems and biological entities. The brand finds its inspiration at the intersection of the fluidity of the current era and the comforting solidity of Euclidian geometry. The constructions, connections and assemblies are human centred and have founded a new design language at the interface of art and natural science. Research and education, design, renewable materials, and interconnected systems serve as fundamental building blocks of Kolye TJN.

Tijen and Angie are united in their passion for design and are dedicated not only to creating a sustainable artisan product but also to providing a feasible alternative for individuals with metal allergies.